ASKRs padleinstructor, Roger Tronstad, gives new padlers the good feeling of safety and joy in a seakayak. After only three days he can promise that all newcomers are ready for a ramble at sea, and be the owner of the Norwegian padlesertificat.

A padel instructor with long experience and a big heart for kayaking
2016-08-0512:08 Arctic Sea Kayak Race

Roger has been backpacking since he was about one year old, and he still loves it. As a young man it felt natural to take his education in outdoor life at Levanger college.

He is instructor in all the outdoor activities you can imagine, and has been riverpadling and seapadling for more than 20 years.

He loves the outdoorlife so much that he has made it his living, wiht Arctic Guide & Visit. Which he startet after working as a outdoor activity leader at Hamn, Senja for four years.

Roger is ultra social, loves people, has great knowledge, and is a born educator. Therefor he is the perfect leader of Arctic Sea Kayac Races coarses. He gives each and one of the participants special care and attention, makes them feel safe but he also pushes you that extra mile.

The coarse at ASKR is different from all other padling coarses, Roger explains. This is due to that the participants gets to be together for a whole week. The coarse is three days, but the camp lasts two more days and therefore the learning period stretches. The new padlers also get to meet more experienced padlers when they arrive at Camp Skipnes after their rambles. This is success!, Roger sais with a big smile. ASKR wants everyone to be able to join and this is easily transferable to this coarse.

Roger has experienced that all the participants stretches themselves a little longer and moves their bonderies during the padlingcoarse at ASKR. Every year has some of them joined the sprint competition, rock jumping tour and the 1/2 marathon, after just three days in a kayak. This makes it extra fun beeing an instrucor, tells Roger.

When Roger is asked what makes this particular padling coarse different from other coarses, he says: We are not in a hurry this week which gives us room to play more than at the ordinary coarses. More play makes safer padlers at sea. This sutes Roger well, because he does not like one coarse to be similar to the other and he makes the participants his paddle buddies more than his students. It sais a whole lot when he opens his door for everyone that has attended one of his coarses to visit him at home and join new coarses, for free. The only criteria is that you bring your own equipment. Why does Roger do this? Well, he feels very strongly that the best way of making a good padler is to padle a lot when the new knowledge from the coarse is fresh. And, donĀ“t forget - he loves people.

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