Packing list

Even if you are an experienced paddler, a tiny packing list is alway good to have.. Remember that you enter the arctic, the climate is a little different from south of Europe.

Useful info

Reccomended dresscode and safety equipment for our event:

  • Wool underwear plus extra change of wool-clothing
  • warm hat or other head stuff..
  • sydvest (norwegian raincap)
  • Dry suit/paddle jacket and pants
  • Paddleshoes
  • Neoprene gloves/wool gloves /paddle gloves 
  • Sunglases
  • Paddle west
  • Paddleskirt
  • Suncream
  • First aid kit
  • Pump & paddle floating gear
  • Extra paddle
  • Paddle rope
  • Trasnport line/Tow rope
  • Waterproof bags, recommend different sizes
  • Water bottle

Reccommended clothing for land:

  • Wool underwear
  • Wind proff jacket and pants
  • Warm outdoor / all-weather-jacket
  • Warm shoes, waterproof
  • Wool hat and gloves
  • Fleece-jacket


  • Tent
  • Sleepingbag
  • Termarest
  • Pimus
  • Equipment for eating
  • Fire equipments
  • PS: GAS FOR PRIMUS: this can not be transported on airplane, we sell at registration.


  • Food and water for 3,5 days paddling, think energy and variation!
  • Skipnes has a tiny shop, restaurant and a pub - general store..
  • Alternative, you need food for the enire week if you do not want to use money at Skipnes.