Sunday - Wednesday

The first few days the different groups will be on separated destinations

19th - 22th July
2016-04-1210:02 Tore Olsen

Rambles - there might be some new changes for 2020 - info will come

The two ramble will separate already the first night. Long ramble will go to Ringstad, were they camp for the night and starts to paddle on Monday morning. They paddle the outside of the Vesterålen islands in exposed waters, and camp on beautiful beaches till they arrive at Skpnes on Wednesday afternoon. The short ramble will either camp first night at Fjordcamp and start paddle Monday morning or paddle out from Fjordamp Sunday evening to first camp. The short ramble will paddle and camp in the archipelago of Øksnes till arrival at Skpnes Wednesday.

At Skipnes you have the possibility to have a shower, and you might buy a dinner. If you have ordered a cabin, this will be given to you at arrival - the same goes for if you want to continue camping in tent - you'll be showed were to place your tent. Skipnes have a cozy pub, a very nice pire - and we'll have a nice sociable evening with the rest of Skipnes.


Participants for the course, goes out to the fishingvillage of Skipnes on Sunday and will stay here the whole week. If you have ordered a cabin, this will be given to you at the arrival at Skipnes. The course starts on Monday morning and will last the whole week.


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