The fishing village, Skipnes

Skipnes is Arctic Sea Kayak Races "Base Camp" during the whole padling festival. This is where the coarse has its camp and from wednesday afternoon all ramblers meet here. This old fishing village contains both café, restaurant, pub and accomodation.

"Skipnes fishing village" is located in breathtaking natural surroundings with all of the best that the Vesteraalen islands have to offer. At Skipnes you get a taste of the old days. It is possible to stay in one of the original cabins where you can feel at ease and find new inspiration. There is also places to put up your tent.

To order one of the cabins look here:

For those who stay in tents there are showers and toilets available. If we have a rainy day there are sheds to dry your clothes. 

At the café you may buy breakfast, lunsj, cake, ice-creem and refreshments. The pub is open right after dinnertime every day at the festival. Dinner is served at the restaurant, where the ASKR fairwell party will take place on friday.

If you would like to get in touch with the ASKR crew, you will find our office at the end of the pier.

At Camp Skipnes we enjoy the company of all padlers of ASKR, with new activities and the last day party. You may attend the sprint competion, the half marathon race or ramble. There might also be possibilites for a short hike in the mountains, rock jumping or just relaxation in beatuful surroundings.